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Jackson Lab CEO to speak on June 5 at Maine Center for Creativity

PORTLAND, Maine — The Maine Center for Creativity (MCC) announced April 23 that Dr. Edison Liu will lead an upcoming Creative Toolbox seminar, speaking about the effective leadership and integration of creative people in a business environment.

Since 2008, MCC and USM have collaborated on the Creative Toolbox seminar series which is designed to provide resources, advice and insight to Maine’s creative entrepreneurs and business leaders. The event will take place on Wednesday, June 5, at the USM Portland campus. Liu is President and CEO of The Jackson Laboratory, a nonprofit genetics research institute based in Bar Harbor.

In what is being billed as “Part One” of MCC’s Creative Toolbox Capitalizing on Creativity series, renowned doctor, researcher, business leader and creative thinker Liu will address leadership and creativity in business. Liu’s seminar, titled “Capitalizing on Creativity: How to Lead Creative People,” will answer questions such as “How do you harness the talents of creatives and keep them on track with the goals of the company?” and “How can you foster the right environment that encourages new ideas?”

“In a 2010 IBM report, 60% of CEOs ranked creativity as their top leadership skill. Creativity drives business and adds value to both customers and the bottom line,” said MCC’s executive director, Jean Maginnis, of the organization’s interest in hosting Liu. “Most business thought leaders agree that having creative thinkers in their organizations is important. However, many people don’t know how to best utilize these talented people once in place. The real challenge comes in effectively leading creative people.”

The seminar, generously sponsored in part by UNUM, is geared toward business leaders, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers, and will take place on Wednesday, June 5, at the University of Southern Maine’s Glickman Library in Portland from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Pricing for non-members is $35, though attendees can become a member of the Maine Center for Creativity for the price of admission and receive their first seminar free. Admission is $15 for MCC members, USM alumni, non-USM students with student ID. USM students with ID will be given free admission.

Space is limited. Contact to register.

The Maine Center for Creativity (MCC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) led by a volunteer board of directors. Founded in May 2005, MCC is committed to nurturing innovative companies and people in Maine by developing projects and programs that support the growth of creative industries and the arts. Among its educational and creative projects, MCC is organizing Art All Around™, an international design competition to paint the Sprague Energy tanks in South Portland, the Creative Toolbox Series, Pecha Kucha events in Maine and the newly formed Community Art Task Force. For more information, please visit

Edison Liu, MD, is the President and CEO of The Jackson Laboratory and co-author of the Laboratory’s Right Brain Café Manifesto, which aims to foster workplace community through art, music and dance. He is also an accomplished jazz pianist who regularly joins his co-workers in jam sessions at Jackson’s Right Brain Café, an after-hours gathering of employees who share in artistic expression. He is uniquely qualified to lead and encourage a group of creative thinkers. He hopes other business leaders will take up the challenge and join the movement. Liu’s current scientific research is focused on the functional genomics of human cancers, particularly breast cancer, uncovering new oncogenes, and deciphering the dynamics of gene regulation on a genomic scale that modulate cancer biology. He has authored over 300 scientific papers and reviews and co-authored two books To learn more about Dr. Liu and his work with the Right Brain Café, please watch this video