Press Release

Homeless housing themselves

STATEWIDE — A new nation program has been created to help the homeless build and house themselves, particularly those within the LGBTQ community. The HOM foundation makes an extraordinary claim to be able to build a home in any county in the U.S. for less than pennies on the dollar.The results have been astounding!

The reason why we focus on the LGBTQ community in particular is that most often, sexual orientation, or discrimination based on sexual orientation becomes the determining factor for parents to kick their kids out. Fear of how a child’s sexuality will look in the family, church, or community seems to be a major cause of youth and adult homelessness for those who are also LGTBQ.

“We’re excited about the work we do… It’s absolutely evolutionary.” States the HOM foundation founder molasses jones, who herself has had to battle with homelessness because of her choice to be out within her family and community. “I feel so powerful now. Like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.” She states when asked about how the HOM foundation has affected her out look on life.

We really believe that we’re doing something super innovative. But it’s actually very simple and so fulfilling. We invite those who are interested in finding out more information to contact us and follow us on our social networks. As we expand we can truly end homelessness using the resources we already have.

For more information, email Tiffany Gouch at