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Holden Agency (EBS) Donates $80,000 to Maine Medical Center Research Institute Scholarship Fund

PORTLAND, Maine — The 2014 beneficiary of the Holden Agency/Employment Benefits Solutions (EBS) Research Scholarship fund is Hilary Woodworth, a junior at Middlebury College. Hilary’s research is with the Center for Tobacco Independence.

The MMCRI Summer Student Research program gives some of Maine’s – and the nations – brightest, young scientific minds a chance to spend the summer as part of their scientific community. Each intern has the opportunity to conduct his or her own experiments, mentored by some of MMCRI’s most senior scientists. Students learn about lab methodology, safety and critical journal review. MMCRI students also have a unique opportunity to see science in action and to imagine themselves in such a world.

Holden Agency is proud to support MMCRI and be able to provide Hilary with the funding she’ll need to continue her research in regards to direct treatment of services, consultation for health systems and employers and educating health professionals about tobacco dependence and treatment.

For more information please contact John R. Benoit or Tom Holden at Holden Agency.

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For more information contact:

John Benoit, President, Employee Benefits Solutions/Tom Holden, President, Holden Agency