Press Release

Help us help our community!

Ellsworth ATA Martial Arts puts emphasis on community service. As part of their training to earn a black belt students are given numerous opportunities to have a positive impact on those around them.

One of the ways the Ellsworth ATA accomplishes this is by a yearly initiative to fund raise for local nonprofit organizations. Last year students raised $1000 for local programs that educate children with autism. They did this through group fundraisers, individual fundraising efforts and through ticket sales for the annual “Ninja Recital”.

The “Ninja Recital” is a dramatic performance utilizing martial arts, music and acting that shares a positive message about dealing with bullying, peer pressure and showing traits such as perseverance integrity, honor, loyalty, self-control, and confidence.

Along with the Ninja Recital this team has performed at local events including: Relay For Life, Hampdon Children’s Days, Main St. Christmas, Autumn Gold Days, WLBZ Channel 2 Olympics on the Green, and local school based programs. We are getting more requests every year to bring our presentation to more events.

Where we see our Performance Team as a community service we do not profit off our performances. We would like to grow this team and be able to do even more in our community. To do this we need equipment. We’re asking for your help with this! We are utilizing the kickstarter website as a means to raise money for our financial needs. We are asking for others in our community to make a donation towards our financial goal. In return we are offering rewards for both individuals and businesses in exchange for their support. We are 25% funded and have until February 28th to raise $3,500, or we get nothing!

We are asking for your help in spreading the word on this effort. Our team puts in hours every week year round with only a desire to make a difference in their sphere of influence. Please join us in supporting these individuals who work hard to positively contribute to their community. Our link on kickstarter is:


Also check out our demo team at this link:

Scott and Holly Lounder