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Health and Wellness Retreat

Health and Wellness Retreat

Nebo Lodge, North Haven

“Eat well, stand tall, and move with grace” — a unique combination of nutritional practices and movement therapy will be the focus of a five-day retreat on North Haven Island with John Bagnulo, nutritionist and William Armstrong, movement therapist. The retreat will be held Wednesday, April 24 through Sunday, April 28, 2013 and includes the welcoming hospitality of Nebo Lodge and peaceful environment of North Haven island.

John Bagnulo will teach participants about nutritional principles and food sourcing, with hands-on preparation of the healthiest foods in the healthiest ways. William Armstrong will offer individual postural consultations, as well as lead daily movement activities, including morning warm-ups, foam roller exercises for soft tissue health, and daily activities that will encourage life-long fitness. Call 204-322-9109 or e-mail for further information and to register.

William Armstrong, BA, LMT specializes in assessment and treatment strategies of acute and chronic soft tissue conditions. John Bagnulo, PhD, holds a doctorate in food and nutrition sciences and a Masters in Public Health, and teaches nutrition at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, and provides private consultations.