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Green Sneakers Teens’ Run-to-the-Future focused on energy solutions

Photo courtesy of Green Sneakers Teen group

Jared Todd of Rockport sets the pace at the Green Sneakers Teen group Run-to-the-Future race on Aug. 18 in Rockport. He was the overall male winner. Also pictured are Green Sneaker Teen Eliza Carter of Camden; timer Wendy Buretta; Race Director Helen Bonzi and other Green Sneakers volunteers and employees of Graffam Bros. Seafood Shack.


By Matt Clark, Green Sneakers Teen

ROCKPORT, Maine — The Green Sneakers Teen group announced the results of the Run-to-the-Future road race on Aug. 18:

* Female overall winner, Marybeth Moreno of New Jersey.

* Male overall winner, Jared Todd, Rockport.

* Male, 30-39, Alex Carter, Camden.

* Male, 40-49, Steve Frampton, Warren; 2nd place, Hodding Carter, of Camden.

* Female, 50-59 – Ellen Spring, Thomaston.

* First walker, Ruth Bettinger of Sanford.

In preparation for the race. members Tori Arau, Anabel Carter, Eliza Carter, Helen Carter, Matt Clark, Kiera Haining, Ann Hoffman, Willow Parker and Ryan Pierce identified the need to raise funds to support Green Sneakers’ community efforts to bring smart energy solutions to local neighborhoods. They collected town applications and ordinances, and secured permit signatures, in addition to business permission for the race. They also researched and fulfilled the conditions for hosting a foot race in the towns of Camden and Rockport.

This is not the first community event organized by the Green Sneakers Teens. Last summer, the group, with assistance from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the Sierra Club, conducted a community carbon challenge.

Green Sneakers members have learned about energy efficiency and the house as a system, in order to educate others about energy-saving opportunities. The primary goal of the group is to implement environmentally-friendly strategies into the community, so as to reduce carbon emissions and our impact on global warming.

Green Sneakers Teen Ryan Pierce said that he joined the teen group “because I liked the information and wanted to make a difference. Energy efficiency decreases global warming and saves money, too!”

Matt Clark also agrees that the “Green Sneakers Project is a marvelous way to become involved with efforts to reduce environmentally-destructive habits and institute solutions that remedy our current situation.”

The purpose of the road race was to inform the public about the Green Sneakers Project in hopes that more citizens in the community — whether from here or away — will support the group.

Homeowners are encouraged to call the group adviser Nancy Glassman about home retrofits.

Green Sneakers is the signature project of Maine Partners for Cool Communities, a collaboration of the Maine Council of Churches, Physicians for Responsibility-Maine and Sierra Club-Maine.

For information, contact Nancy Glassman at 207-322-9147 or email


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