Press Release

Green Acres Kennel Shop brings Doggone Safe’s Be A Tree Dog Bite Prevention Program to Bangor

Doggone Safe member Green Acres Kennel Shop is making the “Be a Tree” educational programs available in the greater Bangor region. The “Be a Tree” program is an innovative and interactive dog bite prevention education program aimed at primary grade children.

The Be Doggone Smart at Work™ program is for workers who come into contact with dogs on the job. Doggone Safe is a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education, and dog bite victim support.

Half of all children are bitten by a dog by the time they are 12 years old. Dog bites are considered to be a serious public health problem by the American Veterinary Medical Association and by the Canada Safety Council. Most bites are by the family dog or other dog known to the child and can be prevented through education.

The Be A Tree program teaches children learn to read dog body language and how to act safely around dogs by looking at large format photographs and by playing interactive games. The program is unique in its use of several different teaching strategies, its focus on physical activity and its emphasis on positive messages. Instead of telling children “don’t do this and don’t do that”, the Be a Tree program empowers them with the knowledge they need to make safe decisions based on the body language and the actions of the dog and the situation at hand. The central message of the program is “Be a Tree” (stand still and quiet and don’t look at the dog) if a strange dog approaches or any dog is causing concern or becoming too frisky.

“The Be A Tree program is fun and terrific. The kids and teachers loved it”, said Jennifer Shryock – Dog Bite Prevention Educator and Dog Behavior Specialist – Family Paws – North Carolina.

“I believe your program [Be a Tree] is the best dog bite prevention program available”, said Sherri Utter – Retired Elementary School Teacher, Animatch Volunteer – Quebec.

Green Acres Kennel Shop is making both Doggone Safe dog bite prevention programs available in the greater Bangor region, at no charge. The program will be taught by our Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and our team of professional dog trainers. For information about booking or sponsoring the Be a Tree program or the Be Doggone Smart at work program please contact Don Hanson at 207-945-6841 or email

Doggone Safe is a non-profit corporation registered in Canada and Ontario, with offices in Canada and the US. Doggone Safe’s mandate includes dog bite prevention through education and dog bite victim support. Educational seminar programs offered by Doggone Safe are Be a Tree™ (for school-aged children), and Be Doggone Smart at Work™ (for workers who come into contact with dogs on the job)

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