Press Release

Fusion:Bangor and Eaton Peabody partner for “Pink Tulip Project”

BANGOR, Maine — A garden of pink tulips will raise awareness for cancer and add some color to downtown Bangor thanks to the efforts of Fusion:Bangor and the law firm of Eaton Peabody.

In November of last year, members of Fusion planted pink tulips at the intersection of Harlow, State and Park streets as a beautification project for the organization’s Downtown Proud campaign, which works to sustain and grow the attractiveness and vitality of downtowns in the Bangor region. The project was done in support of the Maine Cancer Foundation’s “Pink Tulip Project,” which raises awareness and funds for cancer research. The tulips were sponsored by Eaton Peabody.

To celebrate the blooming of the tulips, Fusion and Eaton Peabody will hold a press conference at 9:30 a.m. Friday, May 10, at the tulip bed. Members of Fusion’s Steering Committee and representatives of Eaton Peabody will be on hand to discuss their support of the Maine Cancer Foundation and how the project helped to further Fusion’s Downtown Proud initiative. Representatives will be meeting at the intersection of Harlow, State and Park streets where the tulips are planted.

“This was the perfect avenue for Fusion to bring a nice attraction to downtown Bangor as part of our Downtown Proud campaign and also support a great cause. We are so excited to have partnered with Eaton Peabody to bring pink tulips to downtown Bangor and strengthen the Maine Cancer Foundation’s mission,” said Annie Collins, chairwoman of Fusion:Bangor, in a press release.

FUSION:Bangor, a program of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, is the area’s networking group of young residents. The organization works to connect the young demographic to each other, engage with the community, and transform the Bangor region into the preferred place to live, work and play in Maine.