Press Release

Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers present “Everybody Loves Pirates”

BLUE HILL, Maine – Blue Hill Public Library is bringing Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers back to Blue Hill to do a performance of “Everybody Loves Pirates,” on Tuesday July 2nd at 6:30 PM at the Blue Hill Town Hall. The show is about kids who discover a treasure map and decide to set out on a quest to find their fortune. Unfortunately, they run into a group of bumbling pirates who try to thwart their efforts by stealing the treasure.

Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers is a small puppetry troupe based in Bar Harbor consisting of three siblings – Erik and Brian Torbeck and Robin Erlandsen. Founded in 2000, Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers has performed at fairs, festivals, theatres, parades, schools, libraries, and some of the finest petting zoos on the East Coast.

The event is part of the Summer Reading Program, “Dig Into Reading” but is open to everyone. Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Blue Hill Library, admission is free. Reservations are not necessary. For more information, call Pat at 374-5515.