Press Release

Free Program to Help Adults Prepare for College

BELFAST, Maine — The College Connection, a program of RSU 20 Adult Education that offers academically intense, highly effective, college preparation for adults, is currently recruiting for its fall semester which starts on Monday, Sept. 9.

The College Connection is a full day college preparation program which meets for 17 sessions in the spring and fall. The program is designed for nontraditional aged (usually 25 or older) learners who share the common goal of preparing for college. It offers a supportive setting to learn or relearn the academic skills needed to succeed in college.

The program simulates a college setting in terms of class format, expectations, workload, etc. It also offers comprehensive academic advising and career planning. Students get assistance with every aspect of getting ready for college including applying for financial aid, finding scholarships, and completing college applications.

The College Connection team focuses on improving students’ skills in math, English grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and overall college readiness. They work closely with students throughout the semester and beyond to help them successfully transition to college.

The College Connection is funded in part by a state grant as well as local monies from RSU #20 Adult Education. The program is free; however, students are responsible for purchasing the books needed for their courses.

Call today to change your future! We encourage students to schedule an intake soon since classes fill up fast. Contact Carolyn Haskell at 338-3197 for more information.