Press Release

First Stage of car rally to find missing Maine children

FALMOUTH, Maine — Bill and Valerie Sowles of Morong Falmouth, joined world champion “Timber Jill” Tina Scheer and Maine’s Director of Tourism, Carolann Ouellette on Wednesday, Sept. 19, and left Maine for Independance, Ohio to join the Fireball Run Adventurally – Northern Exposure.

The group is on the first stage of an eight day cross country car rally in attempt to recover missing Lewiston teenager Aydriana Tetu and Waterville toddler Ayla Reynolds.

Although Ayla Reynolds disappearance last December made national headlines, the case of Aydriana Tetu has not, as it is believed she ran away from home and has not had contact with family or friends since March of this year.

Aydriana suffered from leukemia as a child and her family is worried that without proper care and regular medical checkups, the disease may return.


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