Press Release

EMDC Board grows by two more members

BANGOR, Maine — Bangor-based Eastern Maine Development Corp. has added new members to its Board of Directors. The addition of Jane Searles, regional manager for Women, Work and Community, and Garrett Wilkin, an independent programmer and leader of Bangor’s Maine Hacker Club, both joined the board in July.

Searles and Wilkin join 16 other voting and four non-voting members on the 46-year-old organization’s board.

“The addition of both of these individuals expands our leadership not only in number, but in experience,” EMDC President Michael Aube said  in a press release. “They each bring a new perspective from our key economic sectors that will undoubtedly help guide our board as we move forward.”

EMDC is a private, non-profit organization established in 1967 to support the region’s businesses and communities, and has locations throughout the state to support a variety of programs that contribute to Maine’s economic prosperity. EMDC can be reached by calling 942-6389 and on the web at