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Dream Local Digital featured at Women’s Roundtable

PORTLAND, Maine — Women Standing Together, a community of women dedicated to the advancement of women leaders and entrepreneurs, holds their next meeting, June 13, in Portland. This Roundtable event brings together savvy leaders and seasoned experts with diverse backgrounds and passions to support and grow women entrepreneurs in Maine.

Dream Local Digital’s Founder and Client Success Officer, Shannon Kinney, selected from a group of more than 50 companies for the opportunity to speak at this event, brings her broad background and experience in the business world and technology startup industry to share with the group. Shannon will discuss the journey of working in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom, to moving back to Maine to launch her own tech startup. As Dream Local Digital experiences rapid growth over the next year, one of the key challenges is how to scale-up the company significantly while maintaining its unique culture.

Dream Local Digital Honey Badger

Dream Local Digital’s culture has its roots in Silicon Valley, growing from Shannon’s experience in other startups over the last two decades, while the Maine-centered employee base and a mission to stay local has spawned a unique and dynamic company environment. With a focus on dedication, passion, and “when you focus on the customer, our team wins,” message, the growing team is made up of “honey badgers,” who take whatever comes their way and make it work.

“We are so honored to have been chosen for this opportunity by the talented leaders of Women Standing Together. It’s been a tremendously valuable experience to benefit from their insights and I’m confident we’ll gain more at our roundtable. Nearly eighty members will be focused on offering their ideas, inspiration, and strategies for growing and scaling our company – and since we will be increasing our staffing, revenue, and client base by 10x in one year we are looking forward to their input!” – Shannon Kinney, Founder, Client Success Officer, Dream Local Digital

Taking established industry success and further expanding partnerships with publishers, media companies, and advertising agencies, offering new revenue streams through digital media marketing and online community management, Dream Local Digital’s client base is slated to grow significantly over the next year. Its strong and rapidly growing customer base, driven by the company’s success and quality service in this space, and further facilitated by its recent injection of funding, has positioned it to scale-up very quickly. The company is currently in talks with several traditional media organizations across the U.S. and continues building its team of honey badgers, growing out from its headquarters in Rockland, Maine.

If you are interested in having Shannon speak to your group, email us at

About Dream Local Digital:

Dream Local Digital is a marketing agency specializing in interactive media, marketing, SEO and social media. Dream Local Digital works with media companies, ad agencies, and directly with small to medium-sized businesses on all aspects of their online marketing plans, from website development to social media and e-mail marketing. Dream Local Digital’s expertise includes more than 20 years in media, 15 years in Internet product development and marketing, small business ownership, newspaper publishing, and more than seven years of consulting experience for companies large and small all over the world. If you are interested in having Shannon speak to your group, email us at

About Women Standing Together:

Women Standing Together brings together savvy leaders and seasoned experts with diverse backgrounds and passions, to support and grow women entrepreneurs in Maine. It is a community for women leaders and entrepreneurs who are interested in growing professionally and finding a bolder voice. During roundtable sessions, members provide creative ideas that help move women entrepreneurs to the next level. It is an opportunity to work side by side with women on a whole new level.