Press Release

“Dig into Comics” at the Blue Hill Public Library

Cartoonist Jeff Pert will present a cartoon workshop for kids ages 8-13 on Saturday July 27th from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the Blue Hill Public Library. The workshop will focus on creating characters. Jeff says, “This is a great way to start because it fires up the kids’ imaginations. I do a few demonstration drawings to get them laughing and their creative juices flowing.” He will help the kids create their own characters and then each will make a cartoon based on his or her character.

A Mainer, as he says, “born and breaded like a clam,” Jeff’s work appears on merchandise across the US, in Atlantic Canada and the Caribbean. Mostly known by New Englanders for his lobster and moose characters, his cartoons have also appeared in newspapers and magazines such as Down East.

The workshop is free thanks to Friends of the Library but space is limited so registration is required. To register, go to the Library’s web calendar at or call Pat at 374-5515.