Press Release

Coastline Homes of Maine Introduces Energy-Smart Modular Homes

Coastline Homes of Maine has announced its new Energy-Smart line of sustainable modular homes, and has proudly unveiled its first working Energy-Smart display model. Energy-Smart homes produce their own energy on site.

Built in partnership with Keiser Homes, Coastline’s new Energy-Smart line combines the quality and safety of a modular home with the sustainable cost savings of energy-efficient construction and technology.

“Many people have been asking us about building green modular homes,” says Richard Zerrien, Sales Manager for Coastline Homes. “Mainers have always been respectful of the environment they live in, and our customers want to create a legacy for future generations by living in a comfortable and energy-efficient home.”

Coastline’s Energy-Smart model home (on display at their Ellsworth location) showcases many of the energy-saving options available to green modular home buyers. At approximately 1,600 square feet, the house features LED lighting, whole-house ventilation, triple-glazed windows, photovoltaic solar panels to provide heat and electricity, and sustainable building materials like bamboo flooring. It also includes Energy-Star appliances, and can be fitted with a mini-split heat pump/ AC, as well as added combinations of solar or geothermal hot water heaters. Set on-site with complete plumbing and septic systems installed, the model home would be fully energy-efficient.

“When you buy an Energy-Smart Home,” explains Zerrien, “you’re getting an energy-efficient, comfortable living space—at a lower cost, because you’re pre-paying for your energy for the next 30 years.”

The introduction of Coastline’s new Energy-Smart line makes them one of the first dealers in Maine to build customized, green modular homes, designed to blend aesthetics and conservation. “We’re excited about it,” says Zerrien. “We’ve never been a cookie-cutter outfit. All of our homes are completely customizable – and now we can show our customers that we care about the environment, as a Maine company, by taking a more active role in building a sustainable future.”

Coastline Homes is a Maine modular home dealer located in Ellsworth and Hollis. They specialize in custom-made, energy-smart, and spec homes, as well as complete land-home packages throughout southern and central Maine. For more information, visit or call 667-0664.