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Coastal grants available for municipal and regional projects

AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry’s Municipal Planning Assistance Program announced that it is seeking applications for a new round of coastal grants for FY 2014 totaling $205,000. The grants are administered by the Maine Coastal Program, and are for municipal and regional projects in Maine’s Coastal Zone.

The two types of available grants covered by this announcement include: Coastal Communities grant, and Shore and Harbor Planning grants.

  • Coastal Communities Grant Program: Eligible projects must be designed to improve water quality, increase resiliency/adaptation to erosion and flooding, conserve coastal habitat, promote sustainable development, and enhance the coastal-dependent economy while preserving natural coastal resources. This program is designed to address the five priority goals of the Maine Coastal Program: Ensuring Sustainable, Vibrant Coastal Communities -Improving Coastal Public Access -Addressing the effects of land use activity on water quality -Restoring Coastal Habitats -Preparing for coastal storms, erosion and flooding, coastal hazards
  • Shore and Harbor Planning Grants: Shore and Harbor Technical Assistance Grants promote: sound waterfront planning and harbor management, balanced development of shore and harbor areas, advance planning for waterfront infrastructure improvements and access to the shore. Funds may be used for development of plans for waterfront, harbor and mooring areas, development of regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to waterfront conservation and improvement, development of planning studies for public and working access, development of plans and designs for harbor improvements, and development of management plans for municipal waterfront facilities.
  • The Maine Coastal Program: Created in 1978, the Maine Coastal Program is a federal, state, local partnership under the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 and one of 34 coastal programs nationwide. Maine’s program is a collaborative program that works in partnership with other state agencies, municipalities, regional and other organizations, with the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry serving as the lead agency. The Coastal Communities grants have a maximum award of $50,000, while the Shore and Harbor grant have a maximum award of $20,000. Those eligible to apply include towns in Maine’s coastal zone, groups of towns in Maine’s coastal zone; coastal Regional Planning Commissions; and coastal Councils of Government.


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