Press Release

Children’s Author Event at the Blue Hill Public Library

Castine author Ellen Potter will read from her “Olivia Kidney” and

“Otis Dooda” series books at the Blue Hill Public Library on Saturday October 19th at 10:30 AM. This event is the third in a series of children’s author events at the Library. Ellen Potter will also talk about how she gets ideas for her stories, how her childhood in a New York City high-rise apartment building inspired my books, and how kids can get ideas for their own stories. Lastly, she will do a “mini- workshop” for kids interested in writing their own stories.

Ellen has written three “Olivia Kidney” books about a girl living in New York City in a high rise apartment and all of her adventures. She has written on “Otis Dooda” book and has a second one due out in March. The latter she wrote for her son who wasn’t interested in most books he had, and started by putting a “wish list” together of things he would want in a book, like LEGOs, “disgusting bits,” and illustrations. She says she did research by eating lunch with him and his friends in the school cafeteria for a week.

The last event in this series will be Blue Hill author Kelly Cunnane reading from her new book Deep in the Sahara on October 26th. For further information, please call Pat at 374-5515.