Press Release

Challenger receives grants to provide LEGO WeDo Engineering

BANGOR, Maine  — Challenger Learning Center of Maine is the recipient of awards by the Fast Track Grant Program of the Maine Community Foundation and the Maine Space Grant Consortium that will allow Challenger to teach LEGO-based robotics building and programming for students in grades 2-5 in Maine.

The program builds confidence for young students who are just beginning to learn about robotics and also creates excitement to take robotics to the next level.

Through Challenger’s LEGO WeDo Engineering project, young students in classrooms throughout Maine will have the opportunity to build robots representing different mechanical features and reaction sensors. They will use computer skills to develop their own programming scripts and then test their fully functioning robots. Teachers will have the opportunity to become familiar with basic robotic building and programming, and parents will also be able to continue to nurture interest through literature that Challenger will provide for students to take home.

“We’ve tested LEGO WeDo Engineering on a smaller scale with our summer campers and we became excited by their enthusiasm. Now, we are thrilled to be able to offer this to entire classrooms,” stated Kirsten Hibbard, coordinator for the Challenger WeDo engineering program. “This funding from the Fast Track Grant Program and the Maine Space Grant Consortium will ensure that many more students in Maine become inspired about engineering. We’re delighted to have this opportunity to expand upon previous success and develop it into something that will reach a much wider audience.”

School administrators and teachers who are interested to participate in the WeDo Engineering program should contact Challenger: (207) 990-2900.

A not-for-profit (501(c)(3) education organization, Challenger Center helps students and educators experience the thrills, challenges, and rewards of discovery.