Press Release

Carleton Project announces an Endowment Fund in Memoriam of Past Board Members

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Carleton Project established an endowment fund for students on behalf of David J. Lyon and Terry Despres.

Last fall, $16,000 was allocated to support eligible students’ tuition, recognizing the need to help support identified financial needs of students. Having held this vision for several years, Carleton Project Board of Directors is excited to establish this fund.

To be eligible for funding, students must go through an application process, including a letter from the student and their parents to the Carleton Project Board of Directors. Once accepted, the student will be funded for the entire school year. This fund is an excellent opportunity for students who have proven academically capable, yet do not have the financial resources to attend the private school.

As former Educators and Superintendents, David J. Lyon (March 1943- Dec. 24, 2010) and Terry Despres (Nov. 6, 1946 – Feb. 17, 2010) were past members of Carleton Project Board of Directors. They were respected, impressionable role models and a tremendous support for students and staff. Both were deeply involved in academics as well as strong advocates for student success. Committed to helping students achieve their academic goals, Carleton Project intends to annually maintain this scholarship fund. Donations to help maintain the fund may be sent to: Carleton Project, PO Box 340, Island Falls, ME 04747 C/O Jennifer Walker, Executive Director. All donations are tax deductible.

If you’d like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Jennifer Walker you can reach her directly at or 207-768-1000.