Press Release

Caribou Entrepreneur Program application deadline set for Aug. 31

CARIBOU, Maine — A new deadline and changes to the program have officials with the Caribou entrepreneur pilot program hoping more people sign up for the free program, which could be the first step to owning a business in Caribou.

“We are joining forces with Top Gun prep course from the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development,” said Duane Walton, finance director Northern Maine Development Commission. “We still have local investors ready to bankroll viable businesses once the candidates finish the course.”

The new signup deadline is Friday, Aug. 31. Applications and information is available at

Selected applicants, if they live within 50 miles of Caribou, will need to attend the classes at the NMDC office. If a person lives beyond the 50 miles limit they can take the course online.

The nine sessions begin Wednesday, Sept. 19, and continue each Wednesday until Nov. 14. Topics will cover products, business models and companies, innovation engineering for entrepreneurs, customer development, startup market research, entrepreneurial marketing, revenue streams and business model innovation, financials for entrepreneurs, financing your business and final pitch night.

NMDC applied to USDA Rural Development for $50,000 and the money was granted. The funds used to match the USDA program come from Northern Maine Finance Corporation in the form of a $50,000 cash donation obtained from the Northern Border Regional Commission.

For information, call Walton at the NMDC Business Finance Department at 207-498-8736.