Press Release

Bridges Home Care approved as Maine Parkinson Society respite care provider

By Kristin Overton, Director

Bridges Home Care at Spectrum Generations

AUGUSTA, Maine — People with Parkinson’s have unique challenges with at-home care. Bridges Home Care is now approved as a provider to accept Maine Parkinson Society respite funds for those needing assistance caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s Disease.

As part of Spectrum Generations, Bridges Home Care at 1 Weston St. is committed to helping aging and disabled adults thrive at home. Similar to the Alzheimer’s-specific training for staff, Bridges Home Care will now also provide Parkinson’s specific training to better prepare their personal services employees for these needs.

For more information on this program, please call or for an application, please contact Spectrum Generations 800-639-1553 and ask to speak to an Aging and Disability Resource Counselor, or call the Maine Parkinson Society at 866-609-5183.


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