Press Release

Beal College announces new welding technology program

BANGOR, Maine – Beal College announced the opening of its new nationally accredited program in welding technology.

 “The program’s official start date is October 29 and will follow our eight-week Mod System schedule, just as our other programs do,” said Erin Leighton, director of admissions at Beal.  “Our welding echnology program, however, will be slightly different from our other majors because there will only be one start date per year instead of the usual six.”

The program has 56 slots available with one entry point for the 2012-2013 school year. High school technical center welding graduates are encouraged to apply as they could receive up to six college credits for technical center coursework in welding.

Jesse Crosby, welding technology program director and a welder with more than nine years experience, came to Beal College from United Technologies Center in Bangor where he taught welding for the past three years. He also taught welding at Job Corps in Bangor for three years.

Also instructing full-time in the program is Mike Collins, who previously worked as a welding instructor for Job Corps in Bangor. He spent 28 years as a journeyman pipe fitter/welder, has five years of extensive safety representation for a large construction corporation, and has been a member of Local 716 Pipefitters Union for the last 28 years.

For information, contact the Beal College admissions office at or visit Beal College at 99 Farm Road in Bangor.


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