Press Release

Bangor Public Library Houses Rotating Artist Exhibit

BANGOR, Maine — Each month the Bangor Public Library serves as “home” for artists to display their work in one of their galleries. The Lecture Hall and Stairwell Gallery displays works from the amateur to the professional and everything in between. This month, Carolyn Folsom is featured in the Lecture Hall, Lois Elaine Wooster Gopin on the Lecture Hall’s stage, and CWStudios is featured in the Stairwell Gallery.

“We have worked hard to not only build our own art collection over the years, but also to showcase the talent we have in this region.” says Barbara McDade, Director of the Bangor Public Library.

This month’s artists are all Maine-based and the two Lecture Hall gallery artists have both received numerous accolades for their work. Folsom’s paintings feature a series of different mediums from watercolors, to pencil to scratchboard. She is a successful art teacher and many of her students have gone on to study art in the higher education setting. Gopin, featured on the Lecture Hall’s stage, is a graduate of the Minneapolis School of Fine Art and has been a Madison resident for her entire life. While raising her family, she painted in her spare time and has even been published in New York Time’s Bestseller’s book, “Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul.”

CWStudios, featured in the Stairwell Gallery, is the artwork of the adults and children of the Charlotte White Center. These individuals, many with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health needs, or acquired brain injuries, use the artwork as a creative domain which helps build self-esteem and self-expression.

Patrons are invited to view the work of all artists during regular business hours. The Library is open 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Thursday; and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Fridays.

September will feature the Penobscot Valley Industry, Ralph Leek Elders, and Liz Cutler. The Library is currently taking applications for artists interested in displaying their art in 2014. Applications and more information can be found at