Press Release

Assistance with Available at Down East Community Hospital

MACHIAS, Maine — A Certified Application Counselor is available for appointments at Down East Community Hospital from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and on on Thursdays at a time to be determined. A Certified Application Counselor is someone with training that helps consumers, clients or patients with education of the Affordable Care Act. The counselors are able to provide information about insurance affordability programs and coverage options and are available to assist with the HEALTHCARE.Gov website. All information is kept confidential. There is no charge to have a CAC help you.

The CAC office will be located in the registration area in the main lobby of Down East Community Hospital.

To make an appointment at Down East Community Hospital:

For an appointment from 10am to 2pm call Angela Dubey at 733-1090 ext. 2135

For an appointment from 2pm to 6pm call Deb Sheilds as 853-6001 ext. 133

For a Thursday appointment, call Susie Beal at 207-483-4502 extension 233


No Further Information is Available