Press Release

Advanced Mediation course offered at Hutchinson Center

BELFAST, Maine —  Need a 3-credit course for this Spring? Looking to gain skills in the field of mediation? PAX 452 is an intensive one-week course that can be taken for either undergraduate or graduate credit. The University of Maine Hutchinson Center is again offering the popular three-credit college course, PAX 452: Advanced Mediation beginning Monday, April 16th and continuing all week, ending on Friday, April 20th. The class will run from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm each day (Monday through Friday). The instructor is Will Galloway, who has been teaching for the University and Hutchinson Center for over 10 years and is very well respected in the peace studies field as well as the midcoast community. Mediation is about conflict and resolution, and is very much individualized to each situation. Some people choose mediation as a way to resolve a difficult situation. Others use it to begin a difficult conversation. The end goal is to work together to reach an agreement or understanding.

This April, the Hutchinson Center is offering PAX 452: Advanced Mediation, which deepens one’s understanding of the principles of the transformative orientation to mediation practice, and builds on the learnings in PAX 451

Students will deepen their understanding of the premises and principles of the transformative orientation to mediation practice. Students will consider how values and belief systems impact the development of mediation models or schools of thought. Includes skills development through intensive coaching. Skills gained in this course are useful in so many fields: community, human resource, community development, social work, restorative justice, peace studies and everyday life. For more information, to meet with an academic advisor or to register for the class please contact the Hutchinson Center at 338-8000, toll free 800-753-9044 or stop in the main office. You can visit our website at