Press Release

A Talk and Walk: Lecture at Pownalborough Court House on 18th century taverns

Photo courtesy of Lincoln County Historical Association.

DRESDEN, Maine — Historian Jay Robbins will give an illustrated talk covering the role of alcohol in local communities and economies from 1740 to 1800 at 2 p.m.  Sunday, July 15, in the Pownalborough Court House .

The first part of the talk will look at the Massachusetts Acts and Resolves to see how government tried to regulate alcohol and human behavior. Then, using the records of the Lincoln County Courts from 1761 to 1788, he will talk about  going on locally.

The talk will conclude with a look at a few of the licensed taverns and retailers of the West Parish of Pownalborough, including that of the Court House.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a picnic and spend the day at the historic site, and hike the four newly built trails that traverse the more than90-acre tract surrounding the court house.

The courthouse is one of three local historic buildings owned and operated by the Lincoln County Historical Association. For information go to


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