Press Release

11th Annual “Cure Breast Cancer for ME” Luncheon Honors Four

PORTLAND, Maine  —  The 11th Annual “Cure Breast Cancer for ME” luncheon was held Wednesday, Oct. 3.

The event raised funds for cancer research, education and patient support for Mainers; honored individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to finding a cure for breast cancer and to providing services for those with breast cancer and their families; and honored those who have passed away from the disease.

Awards were presented in four categories: Community Outreach; Medical Care & Research; Lifetime Inspiration; and the Meredith Burgess Spirit of Life Award. Each award seeks to exemplify an individual or organization that has achieved success above-and-beyond the ordinary, in the fight against breast cancer in Maine.

The winner (and also keynote speaker at the Luncheon) of the 2012 Medical Care & Research Award was Dr. Neal Goodwin, Director, Research and Development In Vivo Pharmacology Services from The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor.

The Community Outreach Award was presented to Lenore Kraus, LCSW, OSW-C. Kraus is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified oncology social worker, who has pioneered local efforts to adopt comprehensive psychological care for breast cancer patients.

The Lifetime Inspiration Award was awarded to Carmen Darkis of Bangor. Darkis was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1988 and has been living with stage IV metastatic breast cancer since 1993, surviving a remarkable 19 years with the deadly condition.

The Meredith Burgess Spirit of Life Award will be presented to Stephanie Freeman, RN, of Scarborough. Freedman is a breast cancer survivor, as well as a survivorship navigator for the Cancer Institute at Maine Medical Center.


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