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Pittsfield student receives camp scholarship

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Kay Spofford of Sebasticook Valley Health Diabetes and Nutrition Clinic on Pittsfield present Jordan Scott with a scholarship to Camp Adventure in Mapleton. With them are Jordan’s mother, Alison.

PITTSFIELD, Maine — At its June 6th meeting, the Sebasticook Valley Health Diabetes and Nutrition Clinic advisory committee presented Warsaw Middle School student Jordan Scott of Pittsfield with a scholarship to attend Camp Adventure in Mapleton.

Having diabetes has made Jordan feel different from other kids. “It can be frustrating to not be like other kids and have these extra things to think about,” he said. Jordan enjoys athletic activities at school, especially kickball.

Since his diagnosis two years ago, Jordan’s mother, Alison, has been motivated to keep Jordan healthy and happy, although she admitted that having a child with diabetes can be stressful. “I am always alert to Jordan’s specific health needs, and I’m always monitoring to make sure he’s okay. I have a lot more to learn,” she said.

Jordan was nominated by his school nurse when the SVH Diabetes and Nutrition Clinic requested nominations to select a student to receive the camp scholarship from the Julie Ann Vainio Memorial Fund. Julie Anne Vainio died Sept. 23, 2010. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vainio of Abbott, and Mr. and Mrs. James Maguire of Gardiner established the fund in her memory at Sebasticook Valley Health.

For information about the SVH Diabetes and Nutrition Clinic, call Kay Spofford at 207-487-4068.


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