Tom Doak of the Maine Woodland Association recently published a report about the work of the ATV Task Force, which Tom serves on. The group is tackling a lot of issues and must issue a final report and recommendations to the governor by January 1. Here is Tom’s… Read More

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2019 brought a change to my fly gear lineup.  I was asked to become a Galvan Reel pro staffer and decided to make the switch.  I spent the year fishing the new reels and have to say, I was impressed.  I can truly… Read More
    DIFW Commissioner Judy Camuso is all about the outdoors. She recently wrote a good column explaining why. Here it is. Join Judy Outside – Opting Out Every Day – by Judy Camuso googletag.cmd.push(function () { // Define Slot var slot_sizes = [[300,250]]; var new_slot_sizes = [];… Read More
FALMOUTH — Back by popular demand, Maine Audubon will spend a few weeks revisiting the basics of birding. This is the perfect opportunity for people newly interested in birding, novices needing a refresher, and for even the pros to learn something new. Every two weeks we will cover a… Read More
    BAR HARBOR — Peter Rogers first climbed at Outward Bound during high school, got quite serious about climbing in college, and pursued his passion as far afield as Nepal and the Arctic in his twenties. After a decades-long hiatus, he returned to climbing in 2011 with a to… Read More