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                    Brian Deese knows climate change, conservation, and energy policies. I found his recent speech in Portland to be fascinating. The event was sponsored by Maine Conservation Voters, and is the place I received the Harrison Richardson Environmental Leadership Award. It was a big crowd,… Read More
OLD TOWN — Hirundo and the seventh grade of Leonard Middle School invites all to watch the annual Geminid Meteror Showers at Hirundo Wildlife Refuge. Every year in December, Earth crosses the orbital path of the asteroid 3200 Phaethon. Some of its debris, which burns up in… Read More
    Let certified Maine guide and Kripalu yoga/meditation teacher, Kimberly Truskowski lead you in a rejuvenating experience. With a hike into Poplar Hut, scrumptious meals, yoga and meditation offerings, this is a perfect holiday gift for yourself. Get ready to feel renewed, refreshed and ready to take on anything. Read More