Ever since I started solo hiking in college, my family and friends have expressed their worries that something terrible will befall me while out in the woods. I’ve been asked about the danger of wild animals and the risk of breaking a leg, but the most common cause… Read More
In one of our area’s rites of (almost) spring, crowds of outdoor enthusiasts mingled with exhibitors over the weekend at the Cabin Fever Reliever, an outdoor show organized by the Penobscot Fly Fishers. Olivia Argleben, 6 1/2, of Eddington, ties a maple syrup fly at… Read More
    Because this is an opinion piece, and because I’m not even making an attempt to be nice, or politically correct, or unbiased, or even friendly, I’ll say this just once, in a way that might (finally) make a difference. The arrow shows where a snowmobile… Read More

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There seems to be an ever widening chasm between hunters, trappers and fishermen to some degree, and the non-sportsman populace of the American public. Is this deepening rift caused by simple ignorance of wildlife management, hyper sensitivity or is it something more sinister? Read More
    My Mount Vernon friend Dr. Dan Onion and I have come together to share our thoughts on guns. Dan: George, as town health officer for two small towns here in Western Kennebec County, I’m charged with finding ways to promote public health. I have practiced primary… Read More
Celebrate the Year of the Bird on one of Maine’s most visitable islands – Deer Isle.  This 3-day event combines birding on foot, by boat and by air in a small plane. Contact us for a full schedule of events at  or 207-348-2455… Read More
     It’s time for the second Maine Bird Atlas. This is a five-year effort to document both breeding and wintering birds across the state. To be successful, it will need people across the state to volunteer. Join Downeast Audubon in a program with local… Read More