Stories about Maine Department of Labor


Bangor forum looks at worker misclassification

Bangor Daily News on Nov. 08, 2009, at 11:37 p.m.
Members of Gov. John Baldacci’s Joint Task Force on Employee Misclassification will be in Bangor today to receive comments from workers, businesses and the general public on the …

Unemployment insurance extension to aid Mainers

By Mal Leary on Nov. 08, 2009, at 9:32 p.m.
AUGUSTA | More than 2,000 Mainers who have exhausted their unemployment insurance benefits will get new aid within weeks, after President Obama signed the latest benefits extension into law …

Jobless pay running out for Mainers

By Mal Leary on Aug. 09, 2009, at 8:58 p.m.
AUGUSTA | With the recession continuing, hundreds of Mainers have exhausted all of their unemployment benefits and hundreds more are expected to run out by the time Congress ends its vacation after Labor Day.

Border Tensions: Maine loggers contend Canadian companies skirting labor laws

By Kevin Miller on Aug. 06, 2009, at 9:04 p.m.
TOWNSHIP 16, RANGE 14 | The two pickup trucks had been jostling down logging roads near the northernmost tip of Maine for about half an hour when a radio inside the cab crackled with the sound of someone speaking French.

State reserves depleted, jobless rate on rise

By Kevin Miller on July 22, 2009, at 7:34 p.m.
AUGUSTA | The ongoing recession has officially depleted Maine’s financial reserves and continues to drive the state’s unemployment rate higher, state officials told a legislative …

Maine March jobless rate 8.1 percent

The Associated Press on April 17, 2009, at 12:31 p.m.
AUGUSTA | Maine Labor Commissioner Laura Fortman says March was another tough month for Maine workers as the state recorded a preliminary unemployment rate of 8.1 percent. That’s higher …

Bill targets federal money for jobless Mainers

By Mal Leary on April 05, 2009, at 8:35 p.m.
AUGUSTA | Some Mainers this week are expected to be the first to exhaust all unemployment benefits available to them.

‘Official’ state jobless count likely too low

By Mal Leary on March 15, 2009, at 9:23 p.m.
AUGUSTA | A federal Bureau of Labor Statistics survey may provide a more accurate picture of the state’s unemployment situation than the “official” rate released monthly by the Maine Department of Labor.

Jobless Mainers losing benefits

By Mal Leary on Jan. 11, 2009, at 8:59 p.m.
AUGUSTA | The first few hundred Mainers start to exhaust federal extended unemployment benefits this week and the number will grow rapidly in the next few weeks.

State hires 48 to deal with jobless claims

The Associated Press on Jan. 09, 2009, at 6:40 p.m.
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine government is under a mandatory curtailment order, but Gov. John Baldacci has waived it to hire additional Labor Department staff to deal with a growing caseload of unemployment claims across the state.

Maine labor staffing questioned

The Associated Press on Jan. 06, 2009, at 1:59 p.m.
AUGUSTA | Lawmakers who are getting complaints from their jobless constituents want to know why some Maine Labor Department positions to handle unemployment claims are not being …

Jobless trends trouble state labor chief

By Mal Leary on Oct. 21, 2008, at 9:03 p.m.
AUGUSTA | In September, more Mainers were out of work and looking for work than live in Waldo County.

Maine unemployment insurance ranks high

By Mal Leary on Sept. 14, 2008, at 9:46 p.m.
AUGUSTA | Maine’s unemployment rate is following the national trend with more Mainers out of work, but the state is not following the trend that has 32 states with inadequate reserves in their unemployment trust funds, some in the red and borrowing from the federal government.