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Fort Fairfield native Pete Robinson introduced his new book &quotHarvest Time: A Day in the Life of Picking Potatoes" at the Potato Blossom Festival in his hometown this month.

Harvest memories come to life in picture book

The author hopes the book will help keep harvest memories alive for those who picked potatoes by hand and that it will provide a “window into the experience” for those who did not.
Sheila Swazdowich plays a recorder at the Somerset Place in Brewer Monday. She was among the participants of a class teaching seniors to read music and play the recorder.

Learning music late in life could prolong brain health

For the researchers, it’s an opportunity to study the theory that challenging the older brain to learn and coordinate new skills helps stave off age-related cognitive decline and dementia.

How do I get my husband to want me

How do you get the spark back in a marriage once it is gone? Dear Liz and her sassy friends weigh in.
A man from Orono sits with a head full of electrodes that will monitor his brain activity while undergoing a sleep study at St. Joseph Healthcare Center for Sleep Medicine in Bangor.

Clinical trials are often short on seniors

Older adults are often not included in research studies to any significant extent. This is especially true for cancer patients in their 70s and 80s.
It was a night for old rockers and the fans who love them when Cyndi Lauper and Rod Stewart came to Bangor.

Here’s to old rock stars and the fans who love them

When it comes to getting down with their favorite rock icons, today’s Baby Boomers are totally up for it.
Eleanor Cain, 81, of Brewer performs at senior centers, clubs and other venues in the Bangor area. Cain has been belly dancing since she was in her 30s and continues to learn new steps and choreographies.

At 81, this Brewer belly dancer is still perfecting her art

The soul of authentic belly dance is in the Middle East, and Cain honors that tradition, with her costumery and technique, when she dances at area senior centers and other venues.

Researchers find new early clues pointing to onset of Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers have identified hearing loss, verbal fluency and hospitalization as new factors that can provide clues about cognitive health and aid in early detection of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.