“I’ve gone to look for America.” Simon and Garfunkel It was a long ride from Boston to Alma, Georgia, in the late spring of 1971, and to be honest, I don’t remember if the bus was integrated or not after we crossed… Read More
    Chanukah began yesterday, Tuesday, evening, the annual Jewish commemoration of the rededication of the Jewish Holy Temple in Jerusalem when, by a miracle, one day’s oil supply lasted eight days. It is a time of thanksgiving, and some of the festive foods associated with… Read More
    I have been traveling to Salmon River NY for close to 20 years but it wasn’t until the last 10 years that I was able to make the trek more than once each year.  I would have to say, I have never been disappointed even with all the… Read More
    If you love Maine, and who doesn’t, then you will love Maine Life in a Day, published by Down East Books. Susan Conley did a superb job of pulling together many wonderful photographs that will entertain and inspire you. Susan grew up in Woolwich, Maine… Read More
    Tuesday will be a dynamic weather day here in Vacationland.  Our next storm system will bring a variety of different types of precipitation throughout the day and winds will become strong as well.  Where we stay all snow, some totals should reach a foot.   Low pressure approaching from… Read More
    It could be argued that there’s no more beautiful time to go walking in the Maine woods than after snowfall, when everything is covered in a blanket of white. The tracks of woodland creatures, pressed into the frozen carpet, tell stories of their travels, and the smallest breeze… Read More
    I’m blessed to know a lot of folks who lead very purpose driven lives. Nearly all of them are in recovery from trauma, addiction, and/or other bad things that happen to good people. Each of them has a Higher Power that they feel directed by, but none of… Read More
    Perhaps the best kept whitewater secret in coastal Maine is a three mile stretch of the Cathance River in my hometown of Topsham. Located in the northeastern, rural part of town, it is a Class II through V creek run that consists of four rapids followed by four… Read More
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    On Saturday, I was one of dozens of fly fishing enthusiasts who took a bit of time to stop by the Penobscot Fly Fishers’ annual Fly Tying Symposium and chat with a bunch of like-minded folks. Sam Kenney ties a fly at the Penobscot Fly… Read More