Medical cannabis is no longer limited to flower and oil for smoking and vaping, or even edibles. These days, you can receive your medicine in a number of innovative forms. Many of these isolate the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD. THC and CBD are the two main cannabinoids… Read More
    In this 3 part series we will share the health benefits of drinking our Morning Mojo from a scientific perspective.  My dear friend Allison Hopkins has experienced first hand the benefits of starting her day with the Morning MoJo and in this blog series, she is going to share with us her research with WHY this is such a powerful drink for health.  She will share with us the incredible benefits to the Microbiome, Alkalization, and Hydration. Read on for part 1, Microbiome. Read More
    The plan could bring new people to Maine and it could also help some Mainers stay. From the lodging perspective, finding a diamond in the rough property is exciting. Those that have done business before in Maine are stronger from their experiences. These seasoned business owners can renovate and create anywhere. I truly believe there will be some great destination gems created through this program. Read More
    Here’s one of the most significant statements in the new Turkey management plan: “Population management should include steps to substantially increase turkey harvest in WMDs that are experiencing significant public complaints, with the goal of reducing population size to socially acceptable levels.” Yup, we need to… Read More
    The Kenduskeag Civil War monument comprises a cannon and a bronze tablet set atop a concrete base in the Village Cemetery and dedicated in 1905. (Brian F. Swartz Photos) It’s easy to miss them, even on a Memorial Day weekend. The… Read More
    Imagine a Chicago-born 10-year-old kid, Corey, spending two adventure filled weeks with his grandparents in Cundy’s Harbor, Maine. Fun! Deborah Meroff came up with a great idea, and her book Maine Has Moxie, published by North Country Press, really captures our state, from a kid’s point… Read More
    Narcan, a medication that can reverse a drug overdose, has become a familiar name in Maine. A bill making it available to everyone was recently vetoed by Governor Paul LePage, only to be overridden a few days later by state lawmakers. In this Catching Health podcast, addiction specialist Dr. Mark Publicker explains how Narcan works and when it can be used. Read More
    Trump’s assault on American governance just crossed a threshold. The President has demanded that the Justice Department open an investigation into its own investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. —The New Yorker… Read More
    Olivia Bogucki, University of Maine. Originally posted in the Bangor Daily News May 22, 2018. Late-life depression is an important public health concern in Maine. Over 15 percent of senior citizens in Maine have depression. Unfortunately, myths and misconceptions about late-life depression make it… Read More