New HorizonCourtesy: Bangor Daily News For people looking for a safe place to go to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, there’s a new offering in the Greater Bangor Area—a social detox facility in Hampden opened its doors this month. New Horizon, a… Read More
    In this edition: 1) Check out youth ski programs in Presque Isle and Fort Kent. 2) Give cross country skiing and snowshoeing a try in Houlton. 3) Learn about birds in Presque Isle and Fort Fairfield. Plus lots more! Happy trails! Events:… Read More
    Because this is an opinion piece, and because I’m not even making an attempt to be nice, or politically correct, or unbiased, or even friendly, I’ll say this just once, in a way that might (finally) make a difference. The arrow shows where a snowmobile… Read More
    Kenny Chesney in Bangor in 2013. Photo by Linda Coen O’Kresik Waterfront Concerts announced on Friday that this year’s Country Megaticket — a deal through LiveNation in which one ticket gets you three concerts at one venue — will be featured at the… Read More
    While the high school varsity basketball season rounds the midpoint of its 2017-2018 schedule, another division of the sport is set to kick off its fourth season next week. Co-ed unified basketball, which matches students with developmental disabilities — unified student-athletes — with non-varsity basketball players without… Read More
    Here are two political clichés we should reexamine: We might call the first the Populist Fable, in which the environmental movement is perceived as dominated by a backward looking band of tree-huggers who oppose all progress, put the welfare of snail darters above that of humans, and have… Read More
    SACO – Delaney Ziegman, a junior at Thornton Academy, will debut an original story entitled Symphony Safari on stage with the Portland Symphony Orchestra on Sunday, January 21. Ziegman wrote the piece specifically to fit the music provided by the PSO. Symphony Safari is one of the PSO… Read More
    Running in the dead of winter isn't easy but it can be done. Before you head out, take a minute to read these important safety tips from a running expert. Read More
    “Work” isn’t a four-letter word. Well, OK, it is, but not one of those four-letter words. The Trump Administration made national headlines by opening the door to work requirements for individuals enrolling in Medicaid, or, as we know it here, MaineCare. For years, this… Read More
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    Camp can be a life-changing experience. Kids make new friends, participate in a broad range of activities, and develop independence, confidence, and skills relevant to home, school, and social settings. But how do parents know if their children are ready for camp? What are the factors to consider,… Read More