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    “Some people might call ’em spoiled, but I think that these almost ruined ones sometimes make the sweetest jam,” Pearl Smooter says to her daughter, Melanie Carmichael, in the 2002 romantic comedy film “Sweet Home Alabama.” She’s making peach jam, and providing motherly advice to her… Read More
    Learning about “topographic monikers”. Many years after graduating from high school in Dundalk, Maryland, I had the opportunity to discuss the origins of the “Greenwood” surname with our class sponsor.  Mr. David Greenwood was a quiet man with an effervescent smile.  His participation in our class… Read More
    In this edition: 1) A trip to the Allagash Ghost Trains in Caribou. 2) Awareness walks in Fort Kent and Houlton. 3) A poker run on the trails in Fort Kent. Plus lots more!   Events:   Saturday, September 23-Sunday,… Read More
    Sword fighting, drug lords, beautiful women, cool cocktails and fishing! Oh and adventure! What else could you want in a book? Linsenbigler has it all! Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of guiding Brian M. Wiprud for smallmouth bass. I had heard rumors that… Read More
    So I focused my post this week on the Common Ground Fair for those homesteading beginners like myself—those who are just digging in and need to think about what they can handle as a beginner backyard homesteader. I wish someone would have made this list for me when I was getting started. Read More
    I need to start by saying I am not a hunting guide and have never successfully called a moose before.  On this occassion I did it because I had seen it done before, so why not?  It was late September and fall fishing was in full swing and… Read More
    The Bangor Mall and Medicare for All. If you’ll bear with me, I’ll try to tie these two together. Think I can do it? This past week, the Bangor Daily News reported that the Bangor Mall may soon be insolvent… Read More
    By Sterling Pingree Here is what’s being covered in my conversations about the Patriots this week. Sunday’s game with the Texans is an important second step for the Patriots right now, after they took care of business last week in the Big Easy, they have to… Read More
    There has been a storm brewing in research for some time now. Several years ago, a researcher by the name Giles Eric Seralini posted a peer-reviewed study that stated that glyphosate potentially caused cancer in rats. He was immediately attacked. Some of the… Read More
      There are few places left today where people from differing backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and world views can come together peacefully, and happily to talk than craft beer tasting rooms. In the 18th century great thinkers, philosophers, and politicians would meet in salons and pubs where… Read More
    Hello from North Haven! By the light of a pink and purple sunset, the Hebrew calendar ticked over last night from 5777 to 5778. My husband and three-year-old daughter and I invited a few other families – none of them Jewish – to share the evening… Read More