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Food Blogs

Fia's Maine Kitchen

Fia is a home cook from Windsor who tries to make at least one new recipe each week and loves to work with new and unfamiliar ingredients, as well as try to find inventive ways to use the old stand-bys and new twists on perennial favorites.

The Dairy Dish

Jami Badershall works for the Maine Dairy & Nutrition Council and Maine Dairy Promotion Board, and also owns her own small farm. On "The Dairy Dish", she ventures to Maine farms, highlights events around the state, and gives you recipe ideas using local dairy products.

The (207) Foodie

Sarah Gelber is a senior at the University of Southern Maine and lover of food who enjoys reviewing restaurants in the Portland area, giving her a reason to explore the amazing foodie scene!

If My Coaster Could Talk

Chad Lothian, Lives in Old Town Maine. He is a craft beer enthusiast and home brewer. Chad has travelled to Brewpubs, Breweries and Brewfests all over New England.

Taste Buds

Be sure to check in weekly for a bit of inspiration for using seasonal foods and for a chance to get out of your ho-hum-a-day daily meal rut.

Madeleine's Madeleines

Madeleine is a 15 year old unoffical cook and baker. She shares her adventure of cooking and baking mostly gluten-free recipes for her family.