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Rhubarb Vodka Collins

Rhubarb has a very short season in early spring. If it grows in your yard, snatch it up and use it before it’s gone. If you see it in the grocery store, buy it! It can be cut up and frozen for later use. This cocktail features the tartness and …
PORTLAND, MAINE -- 04/15/14 -- Neil Reiter (left) along with Stella and Guy Hernandez, are opening a restaurant called Lolita on Portland's Munjoy Hill.

Old World style in new world setting, Munjoy Hill welcomes Lolita

PORTLAND, Maine ‚ÄĒ After seven years, Stella and Guy Hernandez …

The Maine Dream Team-up Project: Matt Delamater

Matt would love to impress you with some amazing beer …

Tasty ways to use leftover Easter eggs

This year, my family’s Easter celebrations were understandably¬†tinged with sadness. …

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