When my kids were really little, they were forever dragging chairs to the counter to help cook, bake or otherwise make food with me. At times, it was overwhelming — those little hands wanting to stir, knead, cut and mix when I just wanted to get lunch on… Read More
It isn’t just corned beef and cabbage for St.Paddy’s Day, anymore. And even though an awful lot of traditional Irish cooking leans heavily on spuds, onions or leeks, and oats in various states—ground, rolled, cut—pork, ham, and sausage also graced the tables of the… Read More
    Even if you and I barely noticed, a month or more ago our chicken friends observed the days getting longer and began to lay eggs after taking their winter vacation roughly from November into January. Bless them. What a compensation some brilliant golden yolks… Read More


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    The first public supper of 2018 will be held at the John Street United Methodist Church, 98 John Street, on March 3 at 5:30 pm.  The popular monthly event attracts a wide variety of diners: young and old, singles and groups, locals and visitors.  The cost is $9… Read More