When my kids were really little, they were forever dragging chairs to the counter to help cook, bake or otherwise make food with me. At times, it was overwhelming — those little hands wanting to stir, knead, cut and mix when I just wanted to get lunch on… Read More
Lots of us were without electricity this week which some of us need it to bake. Fortunately for me, Ruth Thurston in Machias had sent along a couple of good pumpkin recipes in response to my request and one was for a steamed pudding… Read More
    Last week’s recipe used a product of my compost pile, one of seven pumpkins which sprang up uninvited but very welcome which I used in a spice and pumpkin cake. Many of you observed that the cake recipe was missing flour and leaven. This… Read More

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The short days after the leaves have fallen but before the snow comes have a moody beauty all their own. We are in stick season, and we will be here until the snow falls. While some may liken that to Purgatory, it is a season worth exploring, not ignoring… Read More
    Belfast Farmers’ Market is holding  Sample the Season, a pre-Thanksgiving Taste of the Market on Friday, November 17th at their winter home in the greenhouse at Aubuchon Hardware, 231 Northport Avenue in Belfast. Many of the Market’s 18 winter participants will be sampling something special with the Thanksgiving… Read More