On a recent trip to the Natural Living Center in Bangor for non-melting snacks to take to day camp, my son announced he wanted to try ramen noodles. He totally caught me off guard. And in that moment, I wondered if I’ve failed… Read More
Next to ratatouille, eggplant parmesan is my  favorite way to eat one of summer’s grand vegetables, and a good excuse for growing eggplants. I have assembled it in casseroles, baked, then carved the result into blocks of deliciousness to serve. The following simpler method… Read More
    It is so good to see green beans setting abundantly on the plants out in the garden. I love green beans—eat them raw in the garden; blanch them and dip them in pesto mayonnaise or garlicky aioli; steam them and eat with butter, salt… Read More


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    On 9 March 1916, Mexican soldiers under the command of General Pancho Villa attacked the city of Columbus, New Mexico. It was just one of many such border skirmishes which had been ongoing since the outbreak of civil war in Mexico in 1910. However, the attack… Read More