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Rigatoni with Lamb and Mint Ragu

Okay, so this recipe was inspired by one I tried from Giada De Laurentiis. Truth be told, I was reticent to try it because I am not a huge fan of lamb (or so I had thought), and the idea of using mint in a tomato sauce freaked me out …

The Maine Dream Team-up Project: James Sanborn

I’m James Sanborn; I live in Hebron, Maine with my …
URBAN EYE (blog)

Diner for dinner? Palace is the place

Spring lettuce salad, grass-fed burgers and craft beer is far …
EAT REAL (blog)

Sowing seedlings

This time of year I spend an inordinate amount of …

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My Salty Kitchen

Simple, Elegant, Seasonal Recipes

Latest post
Rigatoni with Lamb and Mint Ragu on Friday, April 18

If My Coaster Could Talk

I'm not an alcoholic, I just believe it's still safer to drink beer than water

Latest post
The Maine Dream Team-up Project: James Sanborn on Friday, April 18

Urban Eye

Culture and Caffeine with Kathleen Pierce

Latest post
Diner for dinner? Palace is the place on Friday, April 18

Eat Real

Local food. Eat well - be well.

Latest post
Sowing on Wednesday, April 16

On the Plus Side

Let's see what happens when I eat only local foods and exercise every day

Latest post
Vegan Risotto with Non-Vegan Scallops on Wednesday, April 16

Fia's Maine Kitchen

Exploring Maine one bite at a time

Latest post
Fresh pineapple: inexpensive and in season on Tuesday, April 15

Out of the Oven

Portland's Baking Scene

Latest post
So you want to be a Professional Baker? on Tuesday, April 15

Taste Buds

Recipes to help solve the whats for supper problem.

Latest post
What to Do with Leftover Easter Dinner: Ham and Lamb on Tuesday, April 15

Gardening in Tune with Nature

Learn what it takes to grow healthy plants in healthy soil.

Latest post
The Bare Bones of Composting on Sunday, April 13

Journeys Over a Hot Stove

Humorous stories/anecdotes from my travels around the country, with simple, delicious recipes.

Latest post
The Grand ah-WHOOM: the Big Bang, Inflation, and authentic Basque Sauce on Sunday, April 13

The (207) Foodie

Conquering the Portland Food Scene, 1 review at a time

Latest post
My Top 7 Restaurants of 2014 on Sunday, April 13
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