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Troy Howard Middle School seventh graders Hayden Brewer (left) and Jason Bartlett weed the raised beds in the school's garden in a May 2016 file photo.

How to tackle your garden’s weeds and pests this season without using chemicals

More Mainers are looking for organic ways to remediate weed and pest problems in their gardens rather than using chemical herbicides and pesticides.
Chiclet amused herself for a time during a long layover in Montreal watching planes take off and land. The Rusty Metal Farm house dog is well on her way to becoming a savvy traveler.

Now that she’s seen Winnipeg, how do I keep Chiclet down on the farm?

In my travels I had seen numerous people on planes with their tiny dogs. How difficult could this be?

Make Your Money Count and Use Less Plastic


The Fight for Lyme is All Around Us

Frank Ossinger, 3, of Hermon gets a bag of bulk food at the Natural Living Center while shopping with his mom, Gabby. The Ossinger family has been shopping at The Natural Living Center for more than 20 years. Owned by Bill and Barbara Geiger, the store that opened April 7, 1977, as a kiosk in the Airport Mall, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

They called it a fad, but this Bangor health food store has been thriving for 40 years

“We talk to people. I think that’s been a big part of why we’ve stayed successful,” Bill Geiger said. “We always listen to our customers.”
Louis (left) and Mowgli, pet Nigerian dwarf goats, play on top of an overturned rowboat in their pen. The pair gained internet fame after breaking out of their pen in Belfast, getting into a neighbor's garage, and spending the day in a Belfast police officer's cruiser.

Newly famous Maine goats return to quiet life at home after a Sunday on the lam

It’s been a weird week of animal-related shenanigans in Belfast.
Albie Barden of Norrigewock is among the few people who call themselves cornkeepers. He has been preserving and trying to bring back native strains of flint corn that were grown in many Maine and New England regions by Native Americans. Barden has grown and distributed seeds from roughly 12 strains of flint corn over the years.

'An amazing, amazing food:' A Maine man's mission to preserve native flint corn

“This is not a commercial venture on my part. It’s a restoration of a staple food to this region that was just an amazing, amazing food.”
Cameron Croft (left), 14, and Donna Reitze (right), 17, move slabs of wood while Brian Fortie (second from left) holds a board so Alanna Thomas, 14, can screw it to the support to construct a raised garden bed for the Maple Street Community Garden in Brewer Saturday.

Brewer green thumbs soon will have a community garden where they can plant their vegetables

Would-be gardeners who lack the necessary space soon will be able to plant their tomatoes, string beans, lettuce and other food in a new community garden being built at Maple Street Park.
Corn is seen in a field in Indiana on September 6, 2016.

Dangerous ‘vomitoxin’ found in some U.S. corn could sicken livestock, people

Maine Farmland Trust's popular Maine Fare event is returning after a yearlong break in the form of a monthlong series of hands-on field trips and workshops and not a two-day festival.

Maine Fare reboot to include animal butchery, cider-making workshops

A year after the popular Maine Fare festival was put on ice, it’s being revived and rebooted by its organizers at the Maine Farmland Trust.