Woodland 13 at Lee 25

May 21, 2013, at 4:30 p.m.

At Lee, the Pandas got their first win of the season with a combined pitching effort from Abbie Glidden and Deja Albert with Kaylie Sawtelle catching.

Jade Liu had two singles, Karen Heid had a single with an RBI and Shannon Knight had a single and two RBIs to lead Lee. Celine Finders chipped in with three singles and an RBI while Abbie Glidden had a triple in the bottom of the fourth and Deja Albert had a double and two singles.

For Woodland, Courtney James, Daynah Brown, Josie Wallace all singled. Kori Gullison had a single and an RBI and Mikayla Hamilton also had an RBI.

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