Jonesport-Beals 36 at Machias 65

Jan. 15, 2014, at 6:30 p.m.

At Machias, Logan Wood scored a game-high 25 points as the Bulldogs rolled past Jonesport-Beals for the victory.

James Mersereau chipped in 14 points and Mark Anthony added 10.

Cole Beal led the Royals with 16 points while Sam Lyons and Sterling Beal each added 8 points.

Machias: Wood 25, Mersereau 14, Anthony 10, Hatch 6, Paddock 5,  Anderson 3, Holland 2, Davis, Snider, Gray, Ranke, Gooch

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Jonesport-Beals: C. Beal 16, Lyons 8, S. Beal 8, K. Beal 3, Grant 1, Pottle, Kirby, Robinson, L. Alley, J. Alley, Kelly, Merchant, McDonald

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