Relaxing and inspiring Searsport Garden open to the public July 26th

Posted July 17, 2013, at 4:04 p.m.

Friday, July 26, 2013 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: Jim Rose Garden, 2 Trout Brook Lane, Searsport, ME

For more information: Diane Allmayer-Beck; 207-338-3105; belfastgardenclub.org

The Belfast Garden Club invites the public to visit the tranquil garden of Jim Rose, 2 Trout Brook Lane, Searsport on Friday July 26 from 10am-4pm as part of the Club’s Open Garden Days series. Tickets can be purchased at the garden for a donation of $4 for the day, or $15 for a five-garden pass. Proceeds will benefit the Belfast Garden Club’s civic beautification projects.

The garden begins streetside, at the entrance to Jim Rose’s stately 100’ driveway where trees, native plants and ornamental shrubs sweep in layers down steep sloped sides along a curving stoned wall. The view opens to a formal Japanese Zen garden; raked gravel, Asian plantings, and sculptures placed as a living work of art where the imprints left in the raked sand symbolize the sea and the stones and plants represent land. The garden, in Zen tradition, is meant to be kept still almost like a painting. A Maine fieldstone walkway leads to an impressive 4,000 pound Maine granite front stoop at the welcoming red front door of the Rose residence.

Starting from a level vacant lot Rose took only 2 ½ years to build the home as well as design and implement this naturally meditative landscape garden using rocks in combination with exotic and native plantings. The garden has matured significantly since his last Open Garden Day in 2010, plants have filled in open patches and trees have grown tall changing the skyline visible from the raised deck overlooking the garden. The task at hand has turned largely to maintenance, Rose has been busy pruning and fertilizing the plants as they have grown and changed.

Jim Rose, an artist, has paid great attention to the details of contrast in color, shape and texture of his garden plantings. The garden is bordered with a small stream trickling along mossy boulders, native ferns, and Japanese Nishiki Willow under the cool shade of native trees. The garden slopes down to a large fieldstone patio, centered with a fire ring of stones. Railroad ties create a boat-shaped raised bed blooming with mid-summer’s hot colored lilies, and annuals. Climbing from the patio large steps lead up through a California-styled hillside garden, which is planted with refreshing sparseness, allowing enjoyment of individual plants. Some of interest include; the low, compact shrub, Royal Gold Woadwaxen; Prostrate Juniper, and Curly leaf pine.

The steps lead to an elevated promenade along the back border of the garden. The colors of the green poplar and spruce trees contrast beautifully with the unusual yellowy green leaved variegated maples and purple foliage of Siberian birch. In the understory of these trees lie beds of perennials including a bright, red rose bush; snow-white blooms of Ash Leaf Spirea and bright day lilies. Benches wait in this perfect location for a sit, to take in the view and listen to the bubbling Trout Brook.

Directions to 2 Trout Brook Lane, Searsport: North on Rte. 1 from Belfast to Searsport. Turn left on Spruce Knoll just past Searsport Automotive. Turn right on Trout Brook Lane. The Jim Rose Garden is the first house on the left. Once you get close follow the yellow Open Garden arrows. Except for those with difficulty walking, it is best to park on Trout Brook Lane and walk in along the driveway.

The next Open Garden will take place Friday, August 2 from 10am-4pm at the Kivel Garden, 44 McTaggert Street, Brooks.

For 8 consecutive years, Belfast Garden Club has presented Open Garden Days, a Friday garden tour series, which will feature 11 gardens in the Belfast area this year. From backyard experimental plantings and ornate Master Gardens, to cooperative gardens and vegetable plots visitors can expect to see brilliant blooms, unique and rare plants, sculpture, exquisite views and ponds. Several gardens will feature special presentations by the gardeners, and at least two will have farm stands to peruse! While many of this year’s gardens are new to the tour, several of past years’ favorites are returning to Open Garden Days so that viewers will be able to see what changes have taken place! Proceeds from the 2013 Open Garden Days will benefit the Club’s civic beautification projects.

For more information about Belfast Garden Club’s Open Garden Days call

Diane Allmayer-Beck at 338-3105, email belfastgardenclub@gmail.com, or

visit www.belfastgardenclub.org .