Maine Native Releases First Book

Posted Nov. 28, 2012, at 3:57 p.m.

Wednesday, November 28 to Saturday, December 1, 2012; 8:55 p.m.

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The Eagerly Anticipated Release of J.E. Barrett’s dramatic book, “Spilled” Is Finally Here!

Globally – 20 November 2012

J.E. Barrett today announced the much anticipated release of his book, “Spilled” to a global audience. The novel falls under the thriller fiction category, but with a classic moral tale woven in.

“I’m really excited to finally have “Spilled” available for people to purchase,” said J.E. Barrett. “I know a lot of people have really been looking forward to this and the time has finally come for its release.”

“Spilled,” draws the reader into the comfortable life of one ungrateful woman and the effect she has on the lives of six strangers after a chance occurrence in a coffee shop. Everyone has bad days, but it’s up to the individual how they get through it.

J.E. Barrett is a native of Lubec, Maine and a member of the active duty military. He attended both high school and college in Ohio, earning his degree in Athletic Training and working in that field for five years before joining the Army. During his life he’s worked in the blueberry fields of Maine, the woods of Campobello Island, Canada, the farms of Ohio, served in the Airborne and completed four combat tours. No matter where he’s been or what he’s done, it has always been the people he’s met who have made the difference.

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