Kim Raikes to be September Featured Artist at Steuben Library

Posted Aug. 21, 2012, at 3:07 p.m.

Monday, Sept. 3, 2012 6 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Location: Henry D. Moore Library, 22 Village Road, Steuben, ME

For more information: Jeanne Benedict; 546-7301;

Kim Raikes will be the September Featured Artist at the Henry D. Moore Library in Steuben. Her show will run from September 1st through the 29th during library hours and there will be an Opening Reception on Monday, September 3rd from 6-8pm. Raikes started painting when she was still in elementary school for the purpose of illustrating her youthful stories. Her recently published novel, The Quadrant: At the Mother of Waters, began to take shape in those days, and the working waterfront of Maine, where part of the book is set, was important visually for her.

Though Kim had never been to Maine, she tried to imagine it, and draw the places she “saw” within her. These were the days before Internet and rapid resource availability, so she relied on her intuition. Says Raikes, “As I later found when I visited Maine and eventually moved to Steuben, many of the places I imagined were not only as I’d pictured, but also had the historical background I’d intuited. So painting and writing go hand in hand for me.”

Raikes finds that Maine’s working waterfront is full of not only aesthetic but also spiritual value. She says “I’m drawn to scenes that suggest the mystery of weathered interiors or foggy distances. These places seem to express the beckoning soul not only of Maine, but of ourselves.”

In addition, she finds inspiration in the markets and spiritual rituals of India, which she has visited several times. As professors at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, she and her husband lead immersion studies abroad once a year. The colors, textures, and daily practices of Hindu experience form a vivid contrast with our familiar Maine settings, and yet provide further insights into our common human spirit.

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