Jackson garden features unusual shade plants, blooms and panoramic views

Posted June 14, 2013, at 10:29 a.m.

Friday, June 21, 2013 10 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Location: Anthony-Greeley Garden, 291 Hatch Road, Jackson, Maine

For more information: Diane Allmayer-Beck; 338-3105; belfastgardenclub.org

Abundant shade-loving plants, unusual arboreal beauties and breezy views await visitors at the garden of Janice Anthony and David Greeley, 291 Hatch Road, Jackson. The garden will be open to the public Friday June 21st from 10am-4pm, next in the 2013 Open Garden Days series from Belfast Garden Club. Tickets can be purchased at the garden on the day of the tour for a donation of $4 for the day, or $15 for a five-garden pass. Proceeds will benefit the Belfast Garden Club’s civic beautification projects.

The garden is set atop a hill at the Anthony-Greeley Farm where for over 30 years Janice Anthony and David Greeley have raised beef cattle, maintained 60-80 acres of hay fields, and become master shade gardeners in their lush oasis beneath a canopy of majestic trees. Over time the garden has grown to include more than 20 island beds brimming with specialized and unique woodland plants connected by curving grassy paths, stone sculptures and a pond. This garden, most recently part of Open Garden Days in 2010, has much to check up on including new beds, plants and sculptural elements. David has recently built two bridges over the garden pond incorporating curved cedar trees, he hand split with wedges, as visual and structural elements.

Janice, who is also an accomplished painter, shows a fascination with contrasts in colors and textures of foliage in her garden designs. Visitors will enjoy conifers with long lush needles as with the Colorado Fir, a special gold-tinged native cedar, and the dark green thready Japanese falsecypress. Suckers from a towering stand of broad-leaved Beech trees have been nurtured to create a hedged garden in the understory, a living wall sheltering one of the family’s stone inukshuck sculptures. At ground level an impressive show of hostas such as the luscious blue green ‘Krossa Regal’ and variegated Frances Williams hosta as well as ferns including Japanese painted fern, year-round Christmas fern and reddish cinnamon fern produce an artistically varied and textured palate.

Those who anticipate gleaning inspiration at the sight of cheerful blooms successfully growing in shade and part-shade conditions will be rewarded with many examples. Impressionistic dots of purples, pinks and magentas pop throughout the landscape, a result of varieties of columbine, geranium and primrose too numerous to count. The original strains of each of these flowers have crossed with one another to create delicious shades, combinations of their true colors. Primroses are Janice’s favorites, and she expects Primula japonica, a candelabra primrose that sends up ring after ring of flowers, to be in full flower. Other blooms of note include a terrific showing of Blue Himalayan Poppies, the

wildly belled shrub Enkianthus campanulatus (listen for the significant hum of bees all around), teeny purple and white Iris cristata, and native wide leafed May apple whose crisp white flower tucked underneath smells like green apple. A landscape map and a list of plants growing in each bed will be available.

Garden visitors are encouraged to bring a blanket and a picnic to enjoy the pastoral panoramic views of the rolling hills of interior Waldo County, and if the weather is clear, of Blue Hill and Cadillac Mountain as well. Janice Anthony will be selling a variety of potted perennials divided from her garden, including Primula japonica, and will offer visitors complimentary iced tea.

Directions to the Anthony-Greeley Garden: 291 Hatch Road, Jackson (roughly a 30 minute gentle green rolling drive from Belfast). Drive north on Route 7 through Brooks. In 4 miles you will pass a church at the Jackson intersection. Continue 1 more mile on Route 7, turn left onto Hatch Road. Drive 1.4 miles (becomes dirt), and as the road turns sharply to the left at a small green house, drive straight. Immediately you’ll find a fork in the road, bear right on lane, follow up to top of the hill. There will be yellow arrow signs to follow beginning at the turn off of Route 7.

The next BGC Open Garden Day will be June 28th at the Block Garden at 1485 Atlantic Hwy (Route One) Northport.

For 8 consecutive years, Belfast Garden Club has presented Open Garden Days, a Friday garden tour series, which will feature 11 gardens in the Belfast area. From backyard experimental plantings and ornate Master Gardens, to cooperative gardens and vegetable plots visitors can expect to see brilliant blooms, unique and rare plants, sculpture, exquisite views and ponds. Several gardens will feature special presentations by the gardeners, and at least two will have farm stands to peruse. While many of this year’s gardens are new to the tour, several of past years’ favorites are returning to Open Garden Days so that viewers will be able to see what changes have taken place! Proceeds from the 2013 Open Garden Days will benefit the Club’s civic beautification projects.

For more information about Belfast Garden Club’s Open Garden Days call Diane Allmayer-Beck at 338-3105, email belfastgardenclub@gmail.com, or visit www.belfastgardenclub.org