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Posted Dec. 21, 2013, at 8:03 a.m.
Last modified Dec. 22, 2013, at 3:39 p.m.

Americans or other foreigners who visit Spain are sometimes taken aback by the special roles of their notary publics. After all, folks living in the United States are more accustomed to searching for a notary public online or elsewhere and popping into the office to grab a quick signature as witnessed by the official. For heaven’s sake, my own mother was a notary, and she proudly displayed her certification in a frame on the hallway wall by her bedroom, right above the thermostat. That always made me proud.

Notaries in places like Barcelona, Spain, however, enjoy an even more elevated status and sphere of influence – and a healthy stream of income for their work conducted in the region.That’s because the role of those officials of the public play a key part in creating and acting as a witness to a variety of iron clad contracts. The focus of the job is to act as an impartial party in between two other parties exchanging some type of service, whether it’s buying an apartment or another venture whereby funds are exchanged and promises made.

In order to have your property registered as a part of the public record in other countries besides Spain – there may not be the same requirement that Spain demands, which means if you want that private agreement to go on official record, you need a Spanish notary to act as a witness of that sale.

Transactions don’t work this way in the United Kingdom either, so perhaps that’s why it can be a little confusing for outsiders to understand the high level of influence of the job in Spain.

The Importance of Registering Your Property in Spain

Although it is not an absolute requirement to register your property in Spain it is greatly recommended, because it will help prove that you own the home, land or apartment in question. And that isn’t the only reason why it’s advantageous to register your property in this manner. Doing so can offer a level of protection against creditors and adds the capability to get a mortgage loan from the asset in certain cases. Not to mention the most important fact that whomever is first at inscribing the title to the property gets to keep it, which is all the more reason to want all the legal proof required in the case of a dispute.

If you’re able, having a knowledgeable lawyer to go over your paperwork is also advisable. At the meeting, expect the notary to double-check all the pertinent sections of the contracts, including names and other details of both the buying and selling parties.

When seeking a Notarias Barcelona , you should keep in mind that the fees paid to notaries that have high levels of experience and expertise are well worth the price, because good notaries are able to avoid the mistakes in paperwork that could cost you more in travel if you find yourself having to return to Spain for any corrections or updates.

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