Posted July 17, 2012, at 4:54 p.m.

Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine

PO Box 683

Augusta, ME 04332

(207) 596-3501


Contact Information:

Paul T. McCarrier

Media Contact Liaison

(207) 615-4457

Free Medical Marijuana Information Workshop On July 19th at the Town of Lincoln’s Ballard Hill Community Center, 4 Pleasant St., from 7-9 p.m.

Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine (MMCM) will host a community event focused on how to become a medical marijuana patient and/or caregiver and how medical marijuana has helped Maine’s health and economy.

A presentation will be given detailing recent changes in Maine’s Medical Marijuana law, LD 1296, which expands patient access to medical marijuana and has created a new class of medical marijuana providers known as “caregivers”. Under these new state laws, caregivers are now permitted to operate small scale medical marijuana businesses to serve the needs of patients residing in the State of Maine. Explaining from a policy stand point will be Paul T. McCarrier, Legislative Liaison for MMCM discussing how the law has changed since the 2009 citizens initiative expanded the medical marijuana law, including the passage of LD 1296 in 2011. “The state is seeing the growth of a strong, agricultural based industry but there are still some misunderstandings about how doctors, their patients and

providers are effected under the law and regulations. We want to make sure the public is educated about how Maine’s medical marijuana program has been working, both from a patient and industry stand point.”

There will be light snacks and refreshments and the public is encouraged to attend.

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